Billionaire Land Banker

Billionaire Land Banker

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As you go through the pages of this book, you will understand why I said so, and why I have so dearly taken up the gospel of Real Estate.

Oftentimes, people doubt the genuineness of my wealth. They are in constant awe of how a boy from a poverty-stricken background could be this successful. Well, land banking is the real goldmine that gives you genuine wealth.

You know, I remember when I got to the house my mother built in Lagos, I was disappointed. I asked myself, “Why would my mother build a house in such a location as this?” Then I didn’t have much knowledge of houses and lands. I knew nothing about Real Estate. But years later, I understood that my mother had foresight. She knew we would need that house one day. Today that land she bought for N8,000 is worth millions of naira. One thing about land is that it’s not about the location, but the tendency for it to appreciate as time goes on.

Most people are still procrastinating when it comes to investing in landed properties. One thing is sure, if you fail to invest today, you will pay those who did a higher percentage.

That is why in this book, I have expatriated all you need to know to build wealth through land banking. From the process of acquiring land to finding the right source, a good location, the perfect land size, documentation and developmental levies, identifying land fraud, calculating the returns on investment, the process of reselling your land etc., have all been treated in this book.

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