Farming Is The New Oil

Farming Is The New Oil


It chronicles the journey of how man moved from food capture to food production, being producers themselves and not just consumers for varying reasons and evolving along the way to more sustainable and advanced production practices; not leaving out challenges encountered as every good thing would.

Makes us understand that farming ranges from crops and animals to other resources on a considerable portion of land, you can’t take away real estate from farming.

It documents the journey of Nigeria, which had been known as an agricultural sustained economy before the discovery of oil leading to its switch to an oil-based economy relegating agriculture to the background.

Agriculture has not only been a means of livelihood but also as a tool of economic development globally. Unlike its counterpart crude oil, that has come with its ills, though profitable, agriculture has sought to improve the livelihood, living conditions and standard of living of people both individually and as a Nation, a feat crude oil has not been able to match up to and has selected a few elites for its dividends.

Nigeria as a Nation, before the discovery of Oil, thrived on the exports of some agricultural produce (Cocoa, groundnut, rubber, Oil palm) which yielded good returns and led to the acceleration of the Nation’s Gross Domestic Product.

The book also highlights the truth that initiatives need to be backed up by a legislative bill if it’s to see the light of day.

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