Millionaire Freelancer

Millionaire Freelancer

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The MD/CEO of Gtext Global, Stephen Akintayo writes this book, Millionaire Freelancer to open doors for those who have one way or another been struggling with getting regular jobs. These are people who want a free work lifestyle and not the stereotyped one. They are, however, finding it difficult to find the niche they desire. Some make the mistake of leaving their secular jobs that pay the immediate bills and end up suffering due to lack of adequate knowledge. In essence, this book is to launch such individuals and give advice so as not to make such hazardous mistakes.
Freelancing is a broad topic that spans through various fields and as the saying goes; Information is only useful when it is understood. This book offers you all you need to fire down in this industry; the definition, statistics, possible challenges and various opportunities open to freelancers. Furthermore, strategic planning, customer relations, developing positive business mindsets that are SMART; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and timebound are all infused in this book.

Finally, it is vital that you know your competitors in this field as this will guide you in decision making, the proper networking you need and how powerful testimonials could be. Know this –
“Don’t freelance to make living – freelance to make a life.”

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